Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A good buy!!

This one is made in Bendigo cotton given to me by my friend (we often share). It came in a hank and was in a reject bin being sold as 'weak strand cotton'. After unwinding and rewinding into manageable size balls I used it to make this green washer. It is quite a stiff type of cotton and will make a great loofah in the shower. I am not sure what they meant by saying it was weak because although there were a couple of joins, I found it to be good to work with and it was even all the way along and I wouldn't have any qualms about buying more of it if I happened to be visiting the factory. All in all, very pleased with the result. It is made using the same pattern as the white washer posted a few days ago.

Still the reverse X stitch pattern but it looks slightly different and I believe it is because the white cotton is  thicker even though they are both 8 ply.


Maria Aussie said...

Very pretty and useful

pattas said...

It is lovely Tina, and the pattern does look a little different :))
Did you make the back ground crochet ??

Tina said...

Thanks ladies and I would love to claim the background crochet as my work Pat, I was fortunate enough to spot it a garage sale and couldn't resist buying it. It is beautifully crocheted and it was a real bargain at only $1.50.