Monday, February 28, 2011

More Coasters!

The yellow coasters above are made using a pattern called 'Norwegian Coasters'. I find the shape is not quite right for me as they are not square. I modified the pattern to suit myself and made the white coasters on the right plus the matching doily which i quite like and makes a nice set. They could even be used on a dressing table as a duchess set but think they would need to be a bit bigger.

 I finished another of the coral coloured coasters that Pammy Sue and Pat liked  to make up the pair. I have enough of that colour to make a matching doily and I am very tempted to do that just to finish the set

 I think I've made about 20 coasters at present so I have gone from 'no' crochet to 'flat out' crochet Lol... Not sure what to do with them all at present but i did think that maybe when (if) my followers get to '20', I will probably do a draw and send some of them to a few followers who would like them. No point passing them on to my family members, although my grandaughters love getting something I've made, none of them are married yet and still live at home with their parents and niether of my d-i-l's are interested in crochet unless it's a crocheted washer for the shower, they love those. So what do you ladies think?? Anyone interested in maybe getting some coasters as a gift?? Do leave me a comment with any ideas you may have.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I made these coasters last night. I have put my name down for the coaster exchange on AC and the green coasters will go to my partner for the month. I think the colour is really pretty so i hope whoever it is will like them.
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Monday, February 21, 2011



As i said in my earlier post, i am working on some small projects. These are some of the coasters i am making. The three coasters on the left are my own design They have the same amount of stitches and were made using the same hook but the sizes are not the same, only the cotton was different. I love experimenting to see what comes out. Sometimes it's somewhat strange and gets unpulled (I seem to do a lot of that), but sometimes it works out 'ok' as these did. Of the three on the right, two are my design the cream coloured coaster is from a pattern i found online and is just a 'practice' piece. It is a bit fiddly to start but gets easier as you go along.

My apologies!

My apologies to all my blog friends and followers. Having been unwell for some time I have not posted since Christmas but I am trying to get back 'in the groove' so to speak and will start posting again shortly. My craftwork has also suffered i'm afraid but i have started small projects to get me back in the mood. My friend has also encouraged me 'get blogging again'. That's all for now but look for some small projects soon.