Monday, March 28, 2011

Busy Day!

What a busy day yesterday.. Visited my oldest son then went on to the middle sons for the grandsons birthday. My youngest granson is now a teenager god bless him, with all that entails too I should imagine, puberty etc etc.. What sort of a gran am I ?? I had my camera but it didn't come out of the case because I was busy checking out the new, one day old silky chicks... Just gorgeous.... I think I may take up chicken farming... Just joking of course, John would have a pink fit if I said I was going to keep some.  After that we went to look at the floodwater coming down the gorge.. Can you imagine?? We have a beautiful area around the gorge, which is 5-6 minutes walk from the center of the city, where you can walk and picnic or stop at the restaurant or the small cafe. Or in summer, swim in the basin pool.How lucky are we?? I didn't manage any photos of the basin itself because there were so many visitors there wasn't any parking available. After that we went to Maccas for dinner and then home to make tomato relish.
     Looking up the gorge from the old Kings bridge

   Looking toward the new bridge and the Tamar river
                       My tomato relish cooling on the bench

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Great find!

What a great find... Visiting a charity shop that was holding a special sale to collect for Queenslands flood victims, I came across this supper cloth made in filet crochet. I can do this type of crochet but I find it difficult to hold the fine cotton so even though the cloth is a little out of shape I thought it was a bargain at $1.50. It is beautifully crocheted and I think it is quite old, not that it matters, I just loved it and couldn't resist buying it.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Work in Progress!

This is a project I began a few days ago.. We were supposed to be taking our caravan and visiting friends for the long weekend, didn't happen.... All packed up and ready to go and the left indicator on the van just wouldn't work no matter what John did to encourage it, including a trip to a service station to buy new light bulbs. Many hours later.. still no joy... Ahh well... At least we are not swept away by water like those poor people in Japan so we can't complain too much. so while John and son worked on the lights most of the day yesterday, in between making cups of tea and supplying nibblies, I sat in comfort in the van and crocheted to my little hearts content  :))  Still in the designing but coming along nicely. Only real complaint I have is that I can't use the fine crochet cotton which would look much nicer I think but I would be very interested in hearing others opinions of it. I used a 3.00mm hook with 4 ply cotton.

At last, 20 followers!!

Well I now have all the requirements for my coaster giveaway fullfilled so I will wait another week to see if there are any more posts and then i will draw the winners. Yes 'winners'. I have plenty of coasters so there will be more than one winner I am happy to say so, please leave a comment, doesn't have to be about coasters, any comment will be lovely and i can put your name in the draw. I have 5 names at present but the pieces of paper with the names on look a little lonely so it would be lovely to have a few more names to pick from. Here are a few more coasters to look at..
I rather like these two which were designed by my friend, she made one, I made the other. 
This is a pattern I made up as i went along and turned out quite pretty. 

The coasters bottom left are just practise pieces and the last coaster is a 'one off' unless I make another just to make the pair. I'm not really impressed with the way the cotton crochets up which is disapointing because Istill have a few balls in various pretty colours.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Crochet Hook Holder!

This is the crochet hook holder that I finished today. It has taken me two days in all to make it so it crocheted up pretty quickly. I must admit that I'm not sure I really like it which is a bit sad when you've spent the time on it. I find it rather bulky but at least with the colours i used, I'm not going to mislay it Lol.....
The pattern can be found here.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Coaster Giveaway!

I have changed the rules for my coaster giveaway! Anyone who leaves a post will go into the draw for a pair and I don't mind where in the world  they are situated, they will still be eligible. So please leave me a comment on anything you like... :))