Saturday, February 25, 2012

Nature's Bounty!!

We have been so fortunate with the harvest of vegetables this year. Our pumpkins are enormous and still growing. The grapevine has done it's usual and produced an enormous bounty of sweet, juicy grapes. We gave a few bags to P&B to make grape juice with. I couldn't be bothered this year, we still have bottles left from last year and as I usually crush them all by hand I decided to give it a miss. I have shared them around friends and family instead and the kids love them..
On the vine...

 Couldn't find anything big enough to hold them so we had to use plastic shopping bags and this is only a very small selection of the harvest.(Love that word, so evocative of the harvest festivals I attended as a child, our church held one every year)
And then there are the tomatoes... Loads of sweet Honey Pear as well as larger tomatoes.
 Packaged and ready for sharing..
 And a couple of corn cobs. My grandson has already polished off quite a bit already.. Love to see the grandkids enjoying the fresh fruit and vegetables


pattas said...

Don;t forget the cucumbers Tina, so crunchy and fresh ,, Chef has made them into Breakfast Cucumber... :))
Thankyou for sharing so freely of your bounty with us ..

Tina said...

Lol... Thanks for the reminder Pat. I forgot the cucumbers.. My son was eating them like the fruit they are named for, apples Lol.. :))