Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Something Different!

For some years now we have been unhappy with electric heating. In the past (about 7 years ago since we changed) we always had wood heating and now, after some consideration we have installed a new, improved version of wood heater.. How marvelous.. I had almost forgotten how warm you could be with it. Sooo.. We made a wood carrier from canvas. I know there have been versions of these for sale in the past and they  are probably still available  but the quality wasn't good and they wore out quickly. I am hoping our version will last a lot longer. I have now made a couple extra for friends who I know would appreciate them. Saves us ladies carrying one or two pieces at a time... This is the new wood heater. Warm as toast.

This is the wood carrier...

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Mothers Day Win!!

A week ago I filled in an entry form and I was fortunate enough to win a really great Breville food processor in a competition at our local newsagents. A lovely bit of hardware for the kitchen I am looking forward to using very soon. I am not usually lucky in competitions but I think this win is pretty spiffy. What do you think?? it comes with an instruction book with recipes and a container for the blades plus a spatula. Not bad!!