Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Garden Bell: Dang-Nab-It - O.A. Pattern

The Garden Bell: Dang-Nab-It - O.A. Pattern

Crochet Spot

Some nice patterns here too.  At Crochet

Crochet and Orchids: Craftown

Crochet and Orchids: Craftown: "There are some cute patterns on this site."


There are some cute patterns on this site.

Work in Progress!

But wait, there's more!!

More crochet

Well!! About time i added something else...I have been busy the last few days, doctors visits etc.I have found time to crochet however.. here are the fruits of my, well, i won't say labour because crochet is a pleasure of course and a work in progress.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bendigo Woollen Mills

Bendigo Woollen Mills is also a great site to buy crochet cotton, it also has a really good range of colours to choose from.

Spin Blessings

Spin Blessings is a great site that Sugar 'n'cream can be obtained. It is reasonably priced and there are a lot of colours to choose from. This is a washer made from sugar 'n'cream cotton.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Nice day today, visited my sons home for my daughter in laws birthday, sat on the deck in the sun and chatted with some of the visitors from last night's party which we did not attend because i can't seem to take these late nights any more. Mmmm.... could it be a sign of age.... no, surely not LOl.... Oh well....

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Well here it is, Saturday come around again, the week goes so fast, not enough time to do everything i like to do... We made a cover for the trailer today, took up most of my crochet time, which is very sad but at least now we can cart stuff around without it getting wet, it's a good job done really so i won't complain too much. The weather is somewhat cooler today after the past couple of warmish ( 17 degs ) days we've had. It feels like it may be snowing up in the highlands.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Well!.. if i didn't know better i'd say today was a spring day.. absolutely beautiful.
Did the shopping early today and spent most of the afternoon outside in the sun crocheting.. can't think of anything better to do. Perfect day!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Feel free to use any pattern i post but please leave me a review of the pattern. Let me know if it is correct or if there are any mistakes i have missed.
Free Pattern 2.
7" Square
Terms: Australian.
St. - Stitch
Sl. St. = SlipStitch
Ch. = Chain
Cnr. = Corner stitch.
Trbl. = Treble
Long stitch = 1treble into a previous row with yarn drawn up to finish treble.
MC. = Main Colour
C. 2 = Second Colour

Chain 6, join into a ring with a slip st.

Row 1. Ch. 3, ( 1st treble ) 15 trbl in ring, join with sl. st.
Row 2. In same st. as joining, 3 ch. 1 trbl. 1 ch. 2 trbl. *Ch. 4. miss 3 sts. 2trbl. 1 ch. 2 trbl in cnr space* repeat to end and join into top of first ch 3.
Row 3. C. 2. 3 ch. 1 trbl. 1 ch 2 trbl in cnr space. Over 4 ch. of previous row crocht, *2 trbl. 2 long trbl into same st of row below, 2 trble in 4 ch. space*. =( 6 trbls over 4 ch. space). Miss 1 trbl, repeat *.* over next 4 ch. space. 2 trbl,1 ch. 2 trbl in cnr space. Continue to end join with sl. st. in first 3 ch.
Row 4. 3 ch. 1 trbl, 1 ch. 2 trbl in cnr space. *Miss 1 st. 2 trbl in next st. miss 1 st. 2 trbl in next st.* to cnr, 2 trbl 1 ch. 2 trbl in cnr space. Continue to end and join in first ch. 3
Row 5. Ch. 3. 1 trbl, 1 ch. 2 trbl in cnr space, 1trbl in top of each of next 3 sts. *1 long trbl over gap of previous in top of st. in row directly below, 1 trbl into top of next st. 3 times. 1 trbl in top of next 3 sts, iss 1 st, 2 trbl, 1 ch. 2 trbl into cnr space,* repeat to end join with sl. st. into top of first ch. 3.
Following rows, 3 ch. 1 trble, 1 ch. 2 trbl, into cn rspace, 1 trbl into top of all sts. to cnr and repeat until square measures the required size,

These are more washers i made...

This is a picture of the washer that goes with the pattern i posted earlier. It will help to explain the steps of the pattern.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Free Pattern

This pattern is for the washer i designed and if made in a firm cotton acts as a loofah and is great in the shower or bath.

Using 8 ply cotton chain an even number of stitches to the desired length.
Row 1. 1 treble in 3rd stitch from hook, 1 treble in each stitch to end of row.
Row 2. Chain 3, ( 1st treble ) * Front post treble round next treble, treble in top of next treble*
repeat * to* to end of row.
Row 3. Chain 3, ( depending on whether the last stitch of previous is a treble or front post treble)
either treble into top of front post of previous row or do a front post treble around next stitch.
this pattern is continued until desired size is reached.
If there are any problems with the pattern please let me know.