Monday, February 13, 2012

Small Projects From Me!

I am still unable to crochet for long periods but my left hand (broken in a fall last Sept) is slowly getting better. I still find it difficult to hold fine yarn  as I cannot hold the last two fingers tight enough but I am persisting with small projects because as they say 'use it or lose it". So here are a few pieces of crochet that I have been able to manage even though it takes me longer nowadays to get something finished.
  This is a potholder that I saw on a blog, very different and very thick and easy to make once you have mastered the stitch.
I have finally been able to learn the zig zag or chevron stitch. I tried crocheting from a pattern in an old Mon Tricot book and after nearly tearing out my hair and giving up altogether, I consulted my friend Pat who has been crocheting since a child, passing the problem on to her poor girl, and after many tries by her, we have come to the conclusion there is definitely a mistake in the pattern.So here is my first chevron washer with some others I have been making.


pattas said...

pretty colours in your crochet face washers Tina :) Bendigo cotton is great to use :))
You are a lucky girl to receive a lovely gift from a friend, so evenly crocheted ..
Thanks for stopping by my blog today :))
hope your day is a crafty one :))

Dorothy said...

Good to hear you mastered that chevron - it looks good. Is that a little scrubber in that last picture? It looks interesting. Have a good week. xoxo

Tina said...

Thanks ladies.. It is a flower Dorothy but with the right yarn it can be used as a little scrubber. :)

Tania @ Out Back said...

These are pretty Tina. I must try more crochet dishcloths, I tend to stick with knitted ones :)

Tina said...

Thanks Tanya, crochet is easier for me, I must admit that I am not a good knitter although I would like to be... :)