Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sarcochilus Show!

 Thank goodness!   Our last orchid show for the year is finally over and done! We had almost 300 plants on display and i must admit, everything went really well for our one day show. We are both really pleased with our four prizes, especially as one of our plants was considered for grand champion. That was a real boost for us as we have never been that close before. I am so pleased that things went so well, as show marshall, the 'buck' as they say, stops with me so it's nice to be congratulated instead of castigated lol... Now i can have a rest until next years round of events. 

                                  A view down the hall.

Oh, i almost forgot, can't rest just yet, got to get over christmas but that's something i'm looking forward to, lunch at my son's home with all the family.....  Can't get any better than that.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sunday Drive!!

Sunday storm coming in! Looks nasty but just a  bit of rain and wind and then it was gone.

 On sunday we went for a drive down the beautiful west Tamar. It was not the best of days for a drive but we both needed to get away from home for a little while and looking at the water is always soothing to the spirit. On the way home i remembered i had my camera with me and took a few snaps of the river. Beautiful...

Black swans on the river with Egg Island in the background
                                                        Swans with Deviot on the far shore.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Xmas Stockings!

I made these little xmas stockings for the kids.... Not sure what they will make of them because the youngest is 11years old. A few years ago i made xmas stockings out of fabric and gave all the grandchildren one. I wasn't sure it would go down too well with my then 19 year old grandaughter. When i mentioned that she nearly didn't get  a stocking she was quite forthright about it and stated that she would have been very upset if she was left out. The youngest who was 9 at that time, got a couple of tennis balls in his beside all the other little goodies that were in there, he gave it to mum to take care of and came back every few minutes to see if she still had it with her. So nice to think that they can still get enjoyment out of the little things in life like a xmas stocking filled with sweets and other little goodies... It was quite heartening to see them all sitting around watching a dvd with stockings in hand, munching on the sweets...
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Monday, November 1, 2010

Another Rose!

Another rose appeared this morning, i must have been a very good girl lol... Yesterday one appeared on the table, it is on my other blog Time to Cook  & Craft .
Must show John where i keep the vases, spreadable tuna jars and vegemite jars do the trick but don't look so good and i can't very well change them over, i might not get any more flowers  lol......