Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bead Knitting!

For those ladies interested in beading, these are some of the knitted bead skirts i have made. I bought the half dolls from a very talented lady who hand paints them beautifully in such intricate detail that i can only admire her workmanship and talent.

Some smaller dolls and teddy's, so cute and very enjoyable to make. My pink baby doll in the centre, the others were made by my friend  who is at present working on a bride doll i am really looking forward to seeing finished.


pattas said...

The Catherine doll is quite small isn't it?? But my favourite would have to be the pink and the lemon and the bear and and LOL... Do you have a pic of the Spanish Lady??

Teen2 said...

Yes i do Pat, i will have to look for it and put up... :))

kerry jaeger said...

Hi Tina, the dolls are beautifull, also the knitted outfits on them, Kerry