Monday, April 18, 2011

We had a great day yesterday.. The weather was fantastic and the company was fun and I guess you can't ask for more. John and I held a potting demo and show setup demo for the newer members of our local orchid society. I demonstrated repotting different genera of orchids and our secretary, Priscilla, kindly did the show setup demo which she did really well. She has a good eye for perspective and balance, which can be quite hard to achieve when setting up a display for orchids due to the variation in size, colour and shape, and depends totally on what orchids are in flower at the time. She used orchids from our collection most of which had no flowers but achieved a creditable display in spite of that. Thanks Priscilla!! We had a lovely barbeque and everyone brought something nice to share from lovely salads to really yummy deserts.. And we also held a raffle whose proceeds go to the society and which all the members really enjoy as a bit of fun and if they are lucky, they may get to take home a few new plants to add to their collection besides vegs and other odds and ends. A great day in all but If there are any more of these days we may need to have bigger back yard.. Only 21 people and it was little crowded although no one seemed to mind and said it was cozy A great day in all which left me pleasantly tired for a change.
                              The cook and friends
        Priscilla, Lawrance and John enjoying a cuppa

                           Raffle tickets anyone??
                             Hi Heinz!
                          Enjoying a nice meal.


pattas said...

Looks and sounds like you had a great day :)) At least the sun was shining..:))..

vikki said...

Sounds like you had a great day. I like the last picture. I enlarged it so I could see the lovely

jontina said...

We did Vikki.. glad you like the flowers.. :))