Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Another find!

I found this at the op shop... It had only the leaves done so I intended to pull it apart and redo it all but I changed my mind and left the leaves the way they were and did the rest and then crocheted around the edge. I do embroider now and again but as far as the edging goes it's pretty simple, I don't like using fine cotton, I can't feel where it is, and I've never used a size '40' before and probably won't again but I am satisfied with it over all. Needs a wash though but very carefully I think. Should I wash it by hand do you think??


pattas said...

that is so pretty Tina :)) did you sew little beads in the blue flowers ??
Yes definitly wash by hand.. :))
Hope you have had a great day :))

Typstatting said...

I would wash it by hand its really lovely!

jontina said...

Thanks for your valuable input ladies, I will do that, don't want to spoil it.. No Pat, no beads.. I have found that things won't sit straight on them.. Nice idea though.. :))