Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My special delivery!

A few weeks ago I had a special delivery straight from the great state of TEXAS.. How cool is that?? I have friends that spend quite a few months there every year and when they offered to bring back some craft supplies I thought Hmm... Sugar & Cream...  And look what I got!! Quadruple what's in the photo plus the gift of a book of dishcloth patterns. So i've made the dishcloth from one of the patterns which I will give to them for their kindness. Not enough I know but I hope they like it!! Thanks David & Suzanne...  :))


pattas said...

How nice of your friends to do that :)) your washer pattern is unusual very pretty though :))

jontina said...

Yes I'm very fortunate Pat... The washer is a pattern in the book.. :))

vikki said...