Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Soup Mug Cosy!

Made this today.. Just messing around to see if it would work.. I have seen the mug cosies before so I just made one a lot bigger and added a couple of buttons. Might work, we'll have to see how it goes when there is actually soup in the mug.
   Anyone have any advice as to how I can make them more formfitting??  This one is made in a mohair yarn but I may make the next in wool or cotton. Any suggestions??                                   


One pair of Hands said...

I do like your pretty heading. So much to see. Your mug cosy looks fine to me. A lovely idea and it apears to fit quite well.

pattas said...

Hi Tina,
I think wool/yarn can slip, cotton seems to "hang"on.. :)) you have a great idea here for the soup mug :))
I love the blue you have used..and the cute buttons :))

jontina said...

Thank you for your positive comment.. Glad you like the heading.. :))

vikki said...

I like cotton..but it may not give or stretch as well I don't know..I think it appears to fit well as is..love your creativity.

jontina said...

Oh thanks vikki and Pat. that is very encouraging.. I don't always have confidence in what I do so I really appreciate feedback like yours.. :))