Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Photo's of my orchids!

Green cymbidium
A few photo's of my orchid collection. We have about a thousand ( could be more but don't tell John ). There are many different genera hidden away in nooks and crannies, anywhere we can find a spot that will let us squeeze in just one more. I know, I know, it's a sickness there is no cure for. But we do get to enjoy  lovely blooms all year  round so it's worth all the work, especially at this time of the year as our show is on next month and we will be flat out working to make it  the success it has been in the past.

Zygocactus from our hanging garden


- said...

The orchids are just amazing. Flowers can change your mood in an instant and enhance a great mood even more.

Christina Broad said...

Thanks Clara, we love them and you are quite right, if i am feeling a bit down i have only to spend some time in the greenhouse with the orchids and i feel refreshed.. :))

Unknown said...

The zygocactus is an amazing plant if just keeps flowering ..
I know you will sweep the floor with all those beautiful Orchids.. another bagful of ribbons :)) Well done Tina... I hope you will post many pics of the Orchid show.. :))

Christina Broad said...

Thanks Pat, they are worth growing..
We have quite a few as you know but at this time of the year this particular type of zygo is the only one that seems to bloom. It does make a difference though when you half a dozen all in flower at the same time. As for the coming orchid show, well we will have to wait and see what happens won't we.. :))

lani1970 said...

I love orchids. i am in san diego and i tried to grow some here but i am not a green thumb. it lasted the first bloom but only bloomed one more time and then died :( i love the pictures you have. I just go down to balboa park and watch the orchids in the botanical garden. that is my peaceful place. :-)

Christina Broad said...

Hi Nikki, thanks for dropping by and commenting on my orchids.. sounds like you have a wonderful place to go and admire them without all the fuss of trying to grow them lol.. Believe me we had enough failures and we still get them from time to time. :))