Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Crafty Day with Friends!

Yesterday was a very interesting day in many ways... I will start with the day of  friendship i was fortunate to share with my two friends, Pat and Trix. A few days ago we were invited to attend a craft day with the 'Threads' craft group at Longford. There must have been at least 140 women of all ages who attended and shared their favourite crafts with everyone . There were beautifully made quilts and  lovely bead jewelry, fine embroidery, card making and knitting and of course, crochet. Trix worked on her quilting, a beautiful rendition of a plate she and her husband bought in Morroco a few years ago. Pat and I worked on our crochet rugs  ( when we weren't checking out the lovely craft the other ladies were working on ) which were very much admired by many of the ladies present. We were provided with lovely cakes and savouries for morning and afternoon teas and soup for lunch so we were well taken care of.. All in all a great day was had by all.


pattas said...

fabulous day Tina..I did enjoy all the crafts especialy the beaded doilies and all the laughter..

Teen2 said...

I agree Pat, it was fabulous.. thanks for sharing it with me.. :))