Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pleased with my day!

What a lovely day i've had today.... Chatted with my friend on the phone, about crochet of course plus a few other things but mainly crochet. Also spoke to my daughter in law, my grandson's footy team won their game yesterday and are well on the way to the finals. They are at the top of the ladder for the under 18's and i hope they continue their running streak right up to the final in a couple of weeks. Went out in the car for short drive to the supermarket, not something i like normally but i enjoyed it today. Must be all that lovely sunshine we have had. I have also done quite a bit more on my crochet rugs, the ufo as well as the new rug i started last week, both are growing nicely which is good because it keeps my interest going and i really need to push myself a lot of the time. Hope tomorrow is as good as today!!  Oh well, must get back to my crochet before i have to get dinner ready.. :))


pattas said...

Yes the sun was out and I did a little gardening.. If I stopped this blogging I would get more crocheting done.. LOL Love your blog Tina..

Teen2 said...

Thanks Pat, i'm glad you like my blog.. i am trying to do 2 thngs at once, sort of working... Lol.. :))