Friday, January 20, 2012

Visitors to our garden!

Our flowering gum tree is just coming into full flower and haven't we been blessed. Little visitors from the wild, beautiful little parrots come to sample the nectar in the blossoms. We are awoken early every morning by the chatter of these lovely little birds. Not easy to see amongst the green foliage and the red blossoms so you will have to play 'hunt the parrot' to see them. they are mostly green with a little bit of yellow under their wings and a little red patch on the side of their heads so they blend in really well with the  tree. Look carefully and I think you will find them!! :))

                                             Having a  look around
                                            Safe to have a sip of nectar.
                                              A bit of upside down work here.
                                             A good view.


Maria said...

You have reminded me of how much I miss my flowering gums - love, love love those bright colours

Tina said...

Yes Maria, they are lovely. We love ours and so do the bees.. And they make so much noise Lol.. Just as well we aren't allergic to bee stings else I wouldn't go near it.. :)