Friday, October 28, 2011

One Down!

 Well here she is at last!!

One down, two to go. Knitting is marginally easier than crocheting at the moment and I have managed to finish my pink baby doll. Why is it that whenever we have a cleanup I can never find anything that I need?? With being out of action my bead knitting patterns got put away and now I can't find them. It's just as well my friend has the same patterns, I had to get her to scan the pattern for my baby and email it to me so I could get her finished. What would we do without our dear friends who step in and help when needed??


pattas said...

So sweet Tina, you have made a very cute dolls outfit there :))
Will this be a gift?? or one more for your collection ?? :))
Your work is exceptional :))

jontina said...

Thanks Pat, probably a gift for one of the gd's but I am still deciding on that yet. If I can finish them all before Christmas they may get one each.... :))