Sunday, May 15, 2011

Another Neck Warmer!

Another neck warmer finished. This is bigger than the first and I love the colour and yarn.This one also has a different edge around the neck. Panda Soft 8 ply is just beautiful to work with, so easy on the hands and fingers and a lovely finished result in this stitch. Firmer yarns aren't so easy to work the stitches with so it looks like it will be back to buy more Panda Soft very soon. Mmm... That's my story and I'm sticking to it, any excuse to buy more yarn lol... :)

And the two together


pattas said...

Beautiful Tina , I love the colour of your second scarf,:)) Your tension is so even.. Well done :))
You will have to beat me to the shop for that Magnum yarn, it is so soft to work with :))
Easy to wash and warm to boot LOL..

pattas said...

Me again, I forgot to mention the shell st around the neck , a neat touch :))

jontina said...

Thanks Pat.. But don't forget, I'm closer to the yarn shop than you are Lol...:))