Monday, March 28, 2011

Busy Day!

What a busy day yesterday.. Visited my oldest son then went on to the middle sons for the grandsons birthday. My youngest granson is now a teenager god bless him, with all that entails too I should imagine, puberty etc etc.. What sort of a gran am I ?? I had my camera but it didn't come out of the case because I was busy checking out the new, one day old silky chicks... Just gorgeous.... I think I may take up chicken farming... Just joking of course, John would have a pink fit if I said I was going to keep some.  After that we went to look at the floodwater coming down the gorge.. Can you imagine?? We have a beautiful area around the gorge, which is 5-6 minutes walk from the center of the city, where you can walk and picnic or stop at the restaurant or the small cafe. Or in summer, swim in the basin pool.How lucky are we?? I didn't manage any photos of the basin itself because there were so many visitors there wasn't any parking available. After that we went to Maccas for dinner and then home to make tomato relish.
     Looking up the gorge from the old Kings bridge

   Looking toward the new bridge and the Tamar river
                       My tomato relish cooling on the bench


pattas said...

Busy Day for you Tina..
Happy Birthday to your GS :))
The floods sure made a mess, I remember the '69 floods well..
Ooo Tomato Relish on toast... so yummy..
Hugs pat :))

jontina said...

thanks Pat.. always feel as though I have achieved something though after a day like that.. :))

Dorothy said...

Oohhh that relish sure looks yummy.

Anonymous said...

LOve tom relish, must pick mine and get busy..

Clara said...

Beautiful photos and the relish will be so nice for you....looks delicious. I bet that grandson of yours loves you to bits!