Friday, October 22, 2010

School Fair!

We decided as it was such a beautiful day, we would pay a visit to Lilydale school fair this afternoon and here are a few pics taken with my new, touch screen camera. Lot's of kiddies and visitors around.

This is the school sports oval. I attended this school as a child and all my grandchildren have been taught here also.
In fact i still have 2 grandsons in attendance at present.

We quite enjoyed the afternoon, caught up with my 3 grandsons, one of my d-i-l's and a few other people we know as well. There were lot's of stalls and even snakes on display. Was very naughty and bought cakes and biscuits, home made of course and quite yummy... :))


pattas said...

What a fabulous day you both have had. and the cake well now that is NAUGHTY LOL :))

Teen2 said...

Yes.. naughty but nice.. :))