Monday, July 19, 2010

Free Pattern

This pattern is for the washer i designed and if made in a firm cotton acts as a loofah and is great in the shower or bath.

Using 8 ply cotton chain an even number of stitches to the desired length.
Row 1. 1 treble in 3rd stitch from hook, 1 treble in each stitch to end of row.
Row 2. Chain 3, ( 1st treble ) * Front post treble round next treble, treble in top of next treble*
repeat * to* to end of row.
Row 3. Chain 3, ( depending on whether the last stitch of previous is a treble or front post treble)
either treble into top of front post of previous row or do a front post treble around next stitch.
this pattern is continued until desired size is reached.
If there are any problems with the pattern please let me know.


Dorothy said...

Found you Tina. Your doily looks lovely - great job for your first effort. I'm in the process of making dishcloths to go with the post pinwheel potholders I've made so I'll have to give your cloth pattern a go. The fptr stitches will go well with the potholders pattern.

aykayem said...

I found you too ... LOL

(oops ... and I am supposed to be doing something else, not still getting "lost in cyberspace" reading blogs/e-mail/etc ... )

Christina Broad said...

I'm glad i'm not lost any more Dorothy Lol.. yes do it a go if it's not 'too' confusing. Pat has done her best dear girl, to tech me how to write a pattern but i find it's a lot easier to design something than it s to write it down clearly.

Christina Broad said...

Hi Andrea, glad i'm not the only one who gets lost in cyberspace Lol.... at least we have 'found' each other ...